Me, Myself & I

The Journey Begins

I am excited for this new journey to document my life. My life of 6 – each of us with our own personality & uniqueness.

There’s my BF who is calm, quiet & full of useless knowledge. He likes cars, guns & motorcycles. Typical male. He puts up with my ever need to go to target & I put up with his need to go to the range. We are a great team.


My oldest, Talon, will be 8 this summer, of course every year I’m amazed by how old he is. He’s creative with the best imagination. Being the first born he is a natural leader, we predict he will become a great lawyer or politician since he LOVES to argue & question everything in life, including his parents.


My second child is who I call my “free spirit child.” Tyson’s looks match his personalitly – he has a sweet freckled face & bright orange hair. At 5 he is hilarious & completely inappropriate – this child really keeps me on my toes.


The only girl besides myself is Arianna – she’s true royalty. As I’m writing this she is running around the house in a pink princess dress bossing around her older brothers. She loves make up, horses, hot wheels & planting flowers. At 4, she runs the house better than I do.


Lucas is the last & FINAL member of our family (until we move & get a dog πŸ•) At just barely 3 months he has been given the nickname, Lucas Poopas πŸ’© given by daddy himself. He likes baths, pool swims, his brothers & sister, but most of all his mommy 😏


Oh, and then there’s me. Typical mom of 4 trying to function & keep our lives as smooth as possible. I wanted a blog to keep my thoughts, organization, wants & desires all in one place. From actively writing in journals my entire life I figured it was time to get in the new century of blogging life. 😏


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton



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