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I’d rather be in Colorado


There’s nothing like fresh mountain air. I’ve traveled a lot in the U.S., but my heart will always belong to colorful Colorado. Words and photographs can’t explain the beauty of this state – trust me I’ve tried, photos just dont do it justice.

This past August my BF & I took a trip out to a small town called Durango to visit my sister. I was 5 months pregnant but REALLY wanted to do a hike, so we picked one… it wasn’t easy.


Ice Lake in Silverton, Colorado is rough – there’s steep switchbacks, the elevation reaching over 12000 ft & just over 8 miles round trip.

Throughout the hike there were marvelous views and the end was 100% worth not being able able to breathe for 8 hours. You have to work to see something as beautiful as this. I would do this again in a heartbeat – thankfully next time I wont be pregnant 😏


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