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My Suggestion To You

Find inspiration from nature. Go for a walk on a local trail – look at the trees and plants that are there, providing you with fresh air. Take a deep breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

Realize that everything we NEED to sustain life is provided to us, naturally. There’s so much our world has to offer, and we are distracted by the “things.” We need to remember the simpleness of life and enjoy them.

Grab your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews and take them outside – watch their innocence as they play together and use their imagination. Remember what it was like as a child running around the neighborhood with friends. It’s so rare to find that now a days.

Teach kids about the importance of our earth. Teach them about the local trees and plants – teach them about the animals you discover. Where they live, what they eat, weird facts about them. Learn about things outside your home. Learn how to read time by the sun & how to figure out which way is North. Know how to “feel” the changes in weather.

There’s so much to learn. So much to discover. Take a camping trip. Pitch a tent and sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. Learn how to make a fire without fluids and chemicals, then roast s’mores while hanging out with the people you love most. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods.

Tell yourself you will learn more about nature, about wildlife, that you’ll visit your local national parks. That you will stop and breathe – go outside and distress from the woes of life.

Because we have one life. And that life shouldn’t be nestled up inside looking at screens. Lay under the stars and find constellations or look up at clouds and find shapes. Jump in rain puddles, have a snowball fight, build a snowman. Attempt to make your own snowshoes. There’s so much you can DO, so much you can discover that you would never uncover from a screen.

Find something that you enjoy outdoors and do it with all your heart. Learn to be outside as much as possible before it’s gone for good. Save money and take trips. See the Grand Canyon, go to Zion national park, visit the Redwood Trees & the Great Lakes. See Niagara Falls & the Hawaii beaches, take a hike in the Rocky Mountains.


Pick somewhere and go. Make it a goal. We don’t need new years resolutions to achieve a goal. It starts right now – right here, today.

I can promise your life will be happier, you’ll have more patience, be less stressed and overall just enjoy life more. That’s my advice to you.

Daily Blog Post


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