Quality Time

Its so easy to get caught up in “life.” Household chores are never ending, planning meals, worrying about upcoming appointments, trying to plan & manage a household is no easy task.

Its an everyday, all day planning and scheduling lifestyle. Because we want our families to thrive, to be healthy & happy. But, how much quality time are we really spending with our loved ones?

Quality time being no phones distracting you, not doing laundry while talking to them just actually doing something with the kids distraction free. There’s no substitute for quality family time.

Do we even realize how much time we truthfully spend with our kids? For a working mom like me my weekdays are limited – maybe 15-20 hours of time a week. Sadly that’s mostly getting ready for school, getting home, homework, dinner, bath & then bed. No real time except doing homework & scrubbing their dirty knees.

Weekends maybe another 20 hours between Saturday & Sunday, depending. Now my kids are still small where they actually want to spend time with me, I give another 6 or so years before my oldest is way to cool to spend time with his mom. Those preteeen & teen years I’m already dreading for many reasons, one being my kids not wanting to hang out with me.

So for the first 12 years of their lives I’m getting about 40 hours a week of “time” with them – not all of it “quality time.”

There’s 104,832 hours in 12 years & of that I’m only spending 24,960 hours with them…that’s only about 24% of my time in 12 years with my kids. And that’s a higher end estimate.

How depressing.

Because the time together gets less and less the older they get, as they have more of a social life and do their own thing. Before we know it they will be 18 heading off to college where we will be lucky to get a phone conversation once a week and a visit once a month,

Life’s to short.

Like Luke Bryan said “I believe days go slow & years go fast.”

Because today, at 3pm bedtime feels like an eternity away. But don’t blink (last country song reference, sorry) 10 years from now we will WISH we had a little kid following us around wanting our attention & needing us.

The day seems long & never ending.

But, take a deep breathe Momma. Forget about the house chores, forget about planning and prepping and ENJOY the time with your kids.

So sit at the kid table & have a tea party, learn how to battle Pokemon, create something, go outside & enjoy nature, teach them how to do things. Give them experiences & life lessons because before we know it our kids are adults & the time of bonding and growing together is so limited.

Love them deeply & never depart without extra hugs and kisses.


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