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Why I am (attempting to be) Vegan

The more I research our health and the environments health, the more reality checks I have.

It’s hard to live a 100% healthy & minimalist lifestyle though. There’s so many objects we use in our everyday life we don’t even realize are horrible for the environment or KNOW are bad but basically are necessities. If you just go one day and think about all the items you use and touch and how many of them are NOT good for us and/or the environment, its shocking.

People become vegans for several reasons. I am disturbed the lifestyle most these animals live before being butchered for human consumption but, that’s not why I started this journey. I do think it’s okay & normal for humans to want to eat meat. It’s not like I believe eating meat is “gross” or inhumane – we’re omnivores like many other animals.

I also didn’t start this for my health, I do not believe meat is “bad” for you, it’s like everything else in life – people overconsume & eat the wrong kinds of meat. Meat should not be the staple in your diet – small portions of meats such as seafood and chicken once or twice a day and other meats like steak and beef a couple times a week, I really believe don’t have a negative consequence on your health.

I started this because I’m doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint & do what I can to make this planet survive for all generations to come.

So, you’re eating more plants from the Earth to try and save the Earth?

Sounds weird right. But, just researching pollution the last few months and what I can do to help I’ve read a lot about animal farming being one of the leading causes. So, here I am on week 3 of my vegan journey to help my overall goal trying to live a minimalist, healthy & overall better lifestyle.

My goal was to eat only Vegan from the start, I failed- I had: Reese’s, pizza, eggs, cheese, sausage, butter, and meatballs (Yes, I kept tract.) Some of it because I already had prior to starting this journey (I wasn’t throwing perfectly edible food, I’m not wasteful) others because I saw a chocolate bar in the work vending machine and really wanted it (and I didn’t even regret it guys, sorry)

I have been pleasantly surprised on how much I’ve enjoyed the different dishes the past few weeks. The meals have been so satisfying & so full of flavor! But, my overall favorite thing about the vegan lifestyle, its more chopping & less cooking! Because as a family of 6 I feel like I spend SO much time in the kitchen cooking and prepping. Someone is ALWAYS hungry! Most of my meals I just chopped different veggies up and threw it in a bowl with some seasonings! Some other dishes I baked/grill but very rarely used my stove top! What a win!

There’s such a wide variety of dishes I want to make so I don’t think I’ll become bored with this choice! Because you can mix and match all the foods together and there’s such a wide variation of foods out there.

Check out some easy & delicious meals from my sister and I —> VeganDishes (and be sure to check out her Blog !)

I’ll admit, it’s hard to abide by a vegan only diet when there’s temptation all around, I mean where’s the healthy food in the vending machines? But, I’m up for the challenge to at least stay mostly on this path to help our planet, my health & the delicious animals!

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