Me, Myself & I

Manage your life creatively.

It doesnt matter how you stay organized. Just know, you need to find a system that works for you.

I’m obsessed with planners & journals. I’ve tried using my phone calender and some apps but its just not the same to me! I love writing pen to paper.

But, if technology is more your style there’s an abundance of apps to help you stay organized. Your basic notepad & calender are great places to start. Easy & simple!

I use a planner daily – I like seeing a glance at my month then each individual week broken down to write things out. Everyday I write things down or look at what’s coming in the next few days.

Now, this part of my life is a little much. I have 3 other journals. I know – the girl trying to go zero waste and save the environment has a forest worth of paper just in journals. I have a problem & hoarding office supplies is one of them.

One I call my chaos journal, it stays in my bag and goes everywhere with me. Its used for all my random notes, ideas, thoughts & it is literally completely chaotic in there. I’m not really even sure what I’m trying to write in there sometimes. Its complete chaos.

My second journal is my blog journal. I use to write a rough draft of my blog ideas (this very blog post has a rough draft entry!) Whenever I feel inspired to jot down a blog idea I write it all out!

Lastly, journal number three, my bullet journal. My personal, neat & nicely organized journal. Where I pull everything from all my other journals and put it together in what makes sense and can present in a fun personal & creative way. I can clearly see my goals, how I am going to achieve them & what I need to do. I can decorate it how I want and be as creative as I can. Kind of the one I want to keep when I throw the others away πŸ™ˆ

Besides my planner, I don’t use the journals everyday but, I do write in them all weekly.

I take time everyday to figure out what I need to do, plan when I can do it to be sure I make time for what I want to do & make sure I have the necessary tools for what I need to accomplish.

Not all my life is perfectly planned & organized, ha! Sometimes things happen on a whim other times I plan things perfectly and then it just doesn’t work out.

Managing a family of 6 on a day to day basis requires organization though!

Really though, you need to find a system that works for you and your lifestyle. Apps on your phone or pen and paper. Find a way to plan and organize the important aspects of your life – you will get more accomplished & actually end up having MORE free time.


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