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Photography Challenges

I’m barely six months into “real” photography. I mean real because I’ve always been a photographer at heart, I love taking photos of places or capturing my family and friends in moments. It’s just I got my first “real” camera this Christmas so now I am broadening my photography skills and I’ve been loving it!

In this short period I’ve taken almost 10,000 photos! Out of those about 100 turned out decent and I really only love about 30. I’m now trying to learn some “real” editing besides playing with the lighting on my computers basic programs! Maybe I can turn the 100 photos I like into 200 photos.

But, for now I’m just learning how to use my camera.

So since I am fairly new at manually setting up my camera & really diving into photography – I have come across some real challenges & learning experiences.

My first situation was 3 months into my journey. My BF took me horse back riding for my birthday in March – first off, it was so much fun. My horse was hilarious and kept wanting to stop and eat – then would trot to catch up to the group & two hours later I was extremely sore. Taking photos on a horse was just as hilarious. I’m used to being able to move to get the shot I want but I was at the mercy of a horse. If I let go of the reins 9/10 she would start eating or start walking towards wherever the grass was the highest. The movement from riding sure did make it hard to take a clear photo (this wouldn’t have been as bad if I was better with settings.) I didn’t get one shot from this day…here’s a sample, of my horse eating.


Second biggest challenge was actually an engagement shoot I did for a couple. I know the couple well – they are young fun and adventurous, k knew I would enjoy shooting them. We envisioned a beautiful East coast Florida sunrise. What we got was the outskirts of a tropical storm. I was drenched, they were drenched, their German Shephard was loving life. It was a challenge dealing with the wind & rain elements and the lighting was different than what I’m used but, I got some really fun shots from them! I would shoot in the rain again in a heart beat! Here’s one of my favorites from that morning.


The last challenge I’ve had was an indoor first birthday cake smash session – all my shoots have been outdoors so it was my first time dealing with indoor lighting! This originally was supposed to be outsidr but again, Florida rained us out and we moved it in the kitchen! I got my camera all set up I thought I had all the right settings, I did a couple practice shots and then helped finish setting up the props. After about 20 shots I looked at one of them and something must have changed and the were all turning out dark! I was super bummed & since I don’t edit normally I was worried I wouldn’t get a good shot. I learned my lesson to not do so many shots without looking at what I’m capturing! Here’s the edited version of one of my favorites!

DSC_2207 (2)

Can’t wait for the next 6 month journey!


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