Giving Dad’s Credit

Dad’s kind of loose credit for how much they do. Mom’s always seem like the rock stars running around and managing the house and kids. But, like any good manager they have their go to person who they literally couldn’t function without.

I don’t know what I would do without my significant other. Sure he’s the step-dad to my first three and I was doing just fine by myself before he came along. But now, it’s easier and even more enjoyable to be a parent.

I can do things knowing I have his help, I can plan things and know he’s there for me, I can actually just step away and breathe when I need too! When I need just that one thing from the grocery store at 9 o’clock at night or I really just don’t want to clean up the puke he’s got my back.


The “I’ll do the dishes and you give the kids a bath” type relationship is what everyone needs. I know there are some rotten Dad’s out there because I’ve experienced and witnessed it throughout my life. They kind of give Dad’s a bad name but, I can promise they aren’t all like that.

I still feel so lucky that Dan decided he wanted to be apart of my crazy family. There aren’t many decent men who decide they want to take on a girlfriend with three small children, especially when the biological dad isn’t involved at all. That’s a huge deal.

Sometimes one of us slacks off for a while before we get back in the groove. But, we support each other and understand we need breaks and time to just wind down. Life is hard and stressful having a good partner in life makes things so much easier.


Whatever your relationship is with your children’s father, your own father or your partner you plan on having kids with – simply appreciate what they do instead of what they don’t do. Be thankful for them everyday.

I was unfortunate with the time I had with my dad. He wasn’t around much until I turned 16 and I reached out to him. Then I moved states and he got locked up, again. A few years later I moved back and he was released shortly after. He stepped up way beyond my expectations while I got back on my feet after leaving my ex. He wanted to watch his grandkids for me – he loved his one night a week with them while I was going back to school and even volunteered a weekend so I could have some time for myself. They loved him for it but, our time got cut short. Last March he had a heart attack while out kayaking. Loosing him was hard but the hardest part was knowing my kids weren’t going to have him anymore, that loving fun grandpa was gone.

So don’t just appreciate Dad’s today – everyday we should be appreciating the people we love and care for. Dad’s play such an important role in the family they too deserve feeling like they are awesome rock stars.

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