Attempting Zero Waste

As you grow older and have more awareness of the world and what really happens something changes. I’ve seen in it people throuout the years. Almost like an epiphany on life and they change or maybe it’s just maturity.

That was me about a year ago. I really realized what a downward spiral us humans are going. All of the garbage filling up the world and the damage we are doing to the planet & horrible things we do to animals and their homes. When I realized how horrible we are treating the Earth that was my breaking point. This beautiful earth that I love to explore and capture it’s beauty is being ruined. Every. Single. Second.

Oil spills, plastic build up, over killing species, damaging entire ecosystems, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and wildlife. It’s insane. We are pulling this earth apart limb by limb. Sometimes I feel absolutely appaled we have let things get this far.

Then I’ve realized it’s because we are the most intelligent species and it’s making us the most selfish. We love convenicne and ease so we can go about and do what we want to do. We love cheap and disposable because its simplier. Why? Why is everyone so lazy and afraid to do a little extra work for lifes necessities? Why do we prefer to hit a drive through than cooking up a quick easy healthy dinner? Why do we buy paper products and plastic things, cheap products to use? Why do the manafuctures & government even allow any of this?

I haven’t figured out the answer to all these questions. I’m still learning and growing. I’m doing things though. I’m starting to make a conscious effort in what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t be. So here’s what I’ve got so far.

1. Take it slow –Don’t just throw everything away and start buying all zero waste products – isn’t the whole purpose of this to NOT waste things? So instead of throwing everything out start slow. Buy bamboo toothbrushes when you’re 3 months are up. Buy new cleaning products when yours run out. Don’t throw away your shampoos, detergent, plastic things. Use them and reuse what you can. Tben be sure to dispose of proeperly. Start slow, make lists of what needs to be changed out on your next purchase.

2. Go vegan – or buy your meat, dairy and eggs from a local farm. Or raise them yourself. I’m not against eating meat, I don’t think it’s bad for you in moderation. Meat manufacturing is a leading cause in pollution. Buy from local produce stands or local upick farms – buy what’s in season and learn to make new meals and experiment with new foods! Read more about my attempt to go vegan on my previous blog post.

3. DIY – Make your own products like soaps, household cleaners, detergents, sunscreen, etc can all be homemade with simple clean ingredients. It’s quite fun to make your own products knowing when you use it that you’re the one who made makes it actually more personal. Read some of my favorite recepies on our pintrest board. If you don’t have time or the desire to make your own purchase locally!

4. Shop local small businesses – if you follow me on Instagram you hopefully just participated in our summer giveaway of all local small businesses. Buying local not only helps support your own community but helps cut down on the pollution big manufactures make.

Will you make the pledge to go zero waste to help preserve our earth for all generations to come? Don’t you want your children and grand children to live on a planet that’s well taken care of? Don’t you want our planet to flourish & thrive in all aspects?

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