Me, Myself & I

Check In

I’m back! Just when you feel like you’re getting somewhere with your blog and social media influencing life smacks you right in the kisser. At least life’s been smacking me sweetly, for the most part. Plus, sometimes taking a break is good just to step away, refocus and regroup.

I’ve had a lot I want to accomplish to inspire others & planting seeds of positivity in my followers heads. Honestly, I’m not trying to sell people things – I just want people to see my lifestyle and hope it inspires them to do good & be healthy – for the greater good of our future.

I’m just a mom who loves her kids & loves family time enjoying the outdoors. Sadly, the world is changing and it’s for the worse. I cannot take my own family swimming at the local beaches or river this summer, again. Why? Because our waters are toxic. There’s swim advisory’s posted and you can see the algae a long with dead marine life lining our waterways. This is just one example of the millions of things humans are doing that are just completely destroying the planet we were lucky enough to live on. I’m sure there is something in every local community that shows how toxic humans are.

I mean, if you’ve done any kind of exploring yourself, you can see our world has an infinite amount of beauty in its natural state. That beauty is slowly deteriorating the longer we continue down this current destructive path and every single one of us is to blame.

Plastic build ups, pollution, toxic waterways poisoning ecosystems and drinking water, extinct animals, destroying entire ecosystems and rainforest. All for what? Our own personal gain, because the products we want to use the most to make our lives easier and more convenient are now becoming the biggest problems to this world.

I’ve seen people cry “survival of the fittest” or “why should we stop doing (insert destructive lifestyle) just to convenience a minute animal/location.” Not only is it disgusting that people think they are better than the more helpless of the world but this is the problem with this world – the right now for our lives matters more than anything else – money and convenience are more important than anything else. We are forgetting to realize everyone is loosing as we put ourselves and our lazy nature ahead of everything else. Nobody wins, not even the superior species.

I’ve made some changes in my life but I’m ready for the next step. It’s all bigger than me and I can’t change the way the world is but I can change the perspective I have on the world. I am fortunate enough to have options & I’m going to make sure I choose correctly.


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