Its only one

So, I’ve started at the beginning. I’m wondering why I’ve developed “bad habits” over the years.

It always begins with, “its only one” and from there that one becomes a habit of ease and convenience.

Its hard to change your lifestyle out of the normal society standards because well, its easier and less of a hassle. But, as I keep going forward and changing small habits its actually become easier to live a more simple & frugal lifestyle.

Take what we need when we need it.

Make not only smart choices for the enviroment but better choices for my families health. Because that “its only one” mentality is destroying the earth one person at a time.

If everyone says “I’m only one person I cant make that big of a difference” that adds up to BILLIONS of people thinking their small bad habits don’t matter.

But every choice matters.

If you start changing one habit at a time it adds up. If you start making some homemade products, changing some eating habits and then start shoppong local/smarter it all adds up.

We need to encourage family and friends to do the same. Nobody is expected to be perfect in this, its a slow and steady process. We can start now and continue a trickle effect by planting seeds of wisdom so later down the road we have established a new society norm.

Its not only one. Its 8 billion ones. Don’t believe your choices don’t matter.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”

– Napoleon Hill

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