Immunity wipes

One of the most unfortunate parts of my life is cleaning. It’s this tedious task I have to do daily with a household my size or else it becomes out of control, quick.

One thing I do multiple times a day is wipe down my kitchen counters.

I use disinfecting wipes so much that I buy a bulk pack and it doesn’t last me a month. Not only is it expensive its really bad for the environment.

Think about the chemicals, the manufacturing processes and how tossing 300 wipes in the trash all effect the earth.

So, on my journey to an eco friendly & sustainable life I’ve finally changed this product. Today I used my last Clorox disinfecting wipe & I have to say I am 100% pleased.

Not only is it extremely cheap but, these things smell SO good.

I used three ingredients:

1. Distilled white vinegar

2. Equal parts water

3. 15-20 drops of essential oils.

I cut up one of the 10 baby receiving blankets and used them for the wipes, I ended up with about 14 good size wipes.

I had this jar I bought at a goodwill and previously used for decor. Its not a sealed jar though which would be more suitable for something like this if you have one.

So I put it to the test tonight and I have to say I’m in love. All I did was pick out a rag, ring it out and wipe down my counters. I used about three rags to clean my kitchen which is typical, I rinsed them out under the sink and stuck them back in the jar.

I plan to wash them once a week when I change the solution. I’ll make a back up set of cleaning clothes for between cleans too so I can have some extra on hand.

One thing I really love is the smell it isn’t a vinegar smell at all, which was a concern of mine. The essential oils do a great job masking the scent. I used lemon and an immunity blend with clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, cassia & cinnamom. I’m really obssesed with the outcome of this.

Disinfecting wipes have been in the top 5 products to change towards my eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle and I am so glad I’ve finally made the transition!

I got my inspiration for these recipes from Hello Natural Blog & Healthy Holistic Living.

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