Menstrual Cups

If you’re a male I’m totally excited you’re reading my blog but, this one is not for you. Unless you’re interested in reading about the monthly female cycle – I would stop here.

For the females – this is just for you. That horrible time of month when our body punishes us for not giving it a baby (like c’mon 4 is MORE than enough.)

Its dreaded and always seems to come at the worst time – vacations, guests coming into town, and holidays.

Then we have to actually BUY stuff for this? Tampons and/or pads every single month because of natures design that we have no control over? Completly unfair. Its like a double whammy – not only does your uterus hate you for not being pregnant but you have to throw money down the drain for some pieces of chemically filled cotton.

Then the waste, the waste of how many of these are thrown in the trash every year by one woman. Usually wrapped in plastic, of course.

Honestly, we’re lucky. Some woman don’t have the option to go to the store and just buy their monthly necessities. Some hide away and stuff their pants with cloth or other materials because they live in a different society, a different lifestyle, and a different culture.

We are fortunate to have options and access to products we need. In efforts for my zero waste I really look at products that are beneficial or have a good cause to help the environment or others.

So when I switch from using tampons to a reusable cup about four months ago I stumbled upon this one.

Pixie Cup

(this isnt an ad or a sponsor or something I get commission for, its a true personal review.)

Every cup you buy means one is donated to a woman in need. This can literally be life changing to someone in a 3rd world country or someone who doesn’t have the money to buy a new box of feminene care every month!

So how do the period cups work?

Sounds gross but it’s simple, comfortable and well, awesome.

1. First you boil it to sanitize it.

2. Wash your hands.

3. Then you bend it in half and insert it.

4. The little long “tube” at the end give a twist to be sure its fully open inside

5. Then you wash your hands again.

You go about your day for the next 12 hours!! No more changing pads and tampons every few hours, no more worrying about leaking onto your clothes and no more worrying if you have enough supplies to last you throughout the day.

Its cost effective, its eco-feiendly, its comfortable, its safe and its easy.

So what about taking it out and changing it?

1. Wash hands

2. Pull on the tube, you don’t even have to look at it. Just dump it.

3. If able rinse your cup, if not its okay to stick back in and rinse when able. (Its not gross or unsanitary everything on the cup just came from your body, its okay)

4. Wash hands.

What I’ve been doing is dumping it in the morning and rinsing it at the comfort of my home. I go about my day and then when I’m home I jump in the shower and wash myself and the cup with some soap, rinse off and insert it again in the shower.


Its really so comfortable you can forget its in there – don’t forget it especially at the end of your period!

Wash your hands before and after. Don’t be gross…wash your hands even if you’re not on your period.

Boil your cup after each months use – that way its ready for next month and store it in your bag after its dried off to keep it clean!

With the money you save each month buy some chocolate or extra stretchy yoga pants!

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