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Happiness & Stuff

Over the past couple months I’ve really started assessing my purchases as a consumer. I not only make sure what I buy has real value to my life but also, I have been taking note how items I would normally buy are packaged. I really started seeing the bigger picture on how much waste must really be out there, just sitting. All this waste that’s bad for the environment and in turn our own health.

One thing I believe people need to remember is the things we purchase do not define us. We do not become nicer, better, useful or more productive people when we buy things. We do not fit in or stand out contrary to what ad campaigns push. Most of this stuff we purchase is a temporary happiness then a “I really could have lived without that” thoughts later.

Let’s be honest – where does all this stuff you buy end up? In the trash, sitting on a shelf or in a closet gathering dust? Did it break and never thought twice about it or even relieved it was gone? Did you regret buying it later or go in debt because of it? Is to to tedious to maintain and upkeep? Do you still use even half the things you’ve bought in the past few years?

Buying things that don’t add real value to your life will not bring real happiness. Only doing things you love to do will bring you happieness. We must be more conscious in the differences between wants and needs. Resisting things that are just wants can make a huge impact in not only the environment but your life.

Happiness isn’t the newest phone, the shiniest car, or the most clothes it’s a feeling we get with personal achievements, quality family time and life experiences. We can have more of those and enjoy them more if we create less stuff that take up our time, money and freedom.

Besides being wasteful in money and time – A great deal of plastic waste comes from manufacturing and packaging. We can help reduce this buy not buying senseless items.

When we do have needs we should be more conscious on how we satisfy them. If we need something that really ads value (or real happiness) to our lives we should research the best company to buy from, someone that stands for the environment or does a good deed with every purchase. Even buying local, buying in bulk, and buying used are all ways we can reduce our impact as consumers.

One of my favorite new motos is “Its not a good deal if it’s not something you need.” How many times have we bought something because it was cheap or on sale? Where are all those items now?

I challenge you to take note of extra senseless stuff you buy and resist the urge of wanting. Take note how your life goes on perfectly fine without the extra purchases & how you actually feel freeing from not having to take care and maintain new things.

Who doesn’t want more time, money, freedom and less stress in their lives all while taking care of the environment?

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