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Minimalism + Zero Waste

I’ve only had a minimalistic mindset for a year now but I’ve had a feel of the benefits, and I don’t see myself ever going back. Minimalism started for me because I was looking into reducing my environmental impact and I soon found out, minimalism is a the basic concept of “going zero waste.”

Reducing your environmental impact is mainly about refusing to buy or use certain products, reusing what is already available and overall learning to shop smarter.

Refusing has been the biggest factor, for me, when cutting down waste. Refusing to use plastic bags, refusing to buy foods in plastic when there are alternatives, refusing to buy things you really don’t need + refusing to support something with your hard earned dollar.

I have saved so much time, money + resources by choosing not to buy extra stuff. If it’s over buying food, clothes, home décor or kids stuff, I now not only differentiate the difference between want vs. need but also, will it really bring the joy in my life I’m expecting it too & does it align with my beliefs? A great deal on a house décor that you think might look good in that one spot in the living room well, it probably is a great deal and it probably is a cute piece but, is it truly the perfect match for you? Not everything you like is meant to be brought into your home.

Reusing products + resources as much as possible is not only a minimalist concept but a zero waste concept. You want to take in the least amount of items a long with tossing out the least amount. There are so many ways to reuse items and once you start doing it more you will come up with more hacks that work for your life as you go!

Reusing can also mean ~ buying second hand, borrowing from a friend, repurposing, or buying refurbished! Any time you are using/obtaining something that isn’t new counts as reusing! This helps prevent resources being used for products that are already in existence.

Shopping smart varies from where you buy to what you buy. Are you buying most your products from big chain suppliers that are wrapped in plastic then placed in more plastic to bring home to add to a big pile of plastic bags stored under a counter somewhere, so those bags can just become miniature trash bags or possibly attempt to be recycled one day? Our shopping habits are putting us in a viscous consumer-environmental catastrophe cycle.

Some small habits I’ve learned to change when shopping are where and how I shop. By trying to shop local and support small businesses it reduces our carbon footprint. I’ve also become more conscious of sticking with my list and using what I have before buying more. I try to not let food go to waste and not overbuy food often just because.

Whatever you choose to do in your life, I hope you make the choice to do so in an minimalist + environmentally friendly way. Don’t give up your dreams, don’t give up hope. Just be the hope we need in this world.

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