My Low Waste Bathroom

I want to start sharing some of the low waste products I’ve switched around my home since I started this low waste living! When talking about waste, what better room to start in than the bathroom!

One of the first products I dropped was my plastic toothbrush. Did you know every toothbrush you’ve ever used (and your parents + grandparents ever used) are all still out there! You can buy bamboo toothbrushes in bulk on places like Amazon where they come out to a little over $1 piece. Brush with bamboo is also a great company and has not only adult but kid toothbrushes! Speaking of kids, we still have plastic toothbrushes from dentist appointments + their schools stashed under their bathroom sink, which will be used. For teeth, cleaning or whatever else we can find uses for. Unfortunately things make their way in our lives like this and its best to use them up and not waste them, in my opinion.

Toothpaste tabs! I just started using these within the past couple week when I bought them from Jars. They are so easy to use + leave my mouth fresh + clean! I was making my own toothpaste for a while & I will again, but sometimes you just need a break from DIY products. These were perfect to help me stay low waste in my busy life!

My menstrual cup has been a game changer. I haven’t had to ask Dan to run to the store for tampons, I don’t worry about leaking or carrying around enough products for the day plus, I save an average of 24-30 tampons per month from entering the landfill!

I recently converted to this low waste deodorant from Zero Waste Store. A dirty little secret? I don’t wear deodorant every day. You would think in sunny south Florida it’s a necessity but I work in an AC office & am not a huge sweater. So I use my deodorant sparingly and it lasts a long time! The ingredients in my new stick are toxic free + the package is 100% compostable AND it smells + works amazing!

Due to the lack of finding a natural toner in a glass bottle, I finished my last plastic bottle of witch hazel & am commiting to using my tap water and #yayforearth face lotion only! This face lotion has done wonders for my face (I still have bad break outs at 25) Made with 5 ingredients + I only need a small amount each time I use it, so it’s lasting me a while!

Bars of soap! Buy locally handmade soaps, order online, or your local store most likely carry sustainable brands like Dr. Bronners! I am not brand specific, I but some from my local zero waste stores or I buy a sustainable choice from the regular stores. Bar soaps with natural ingredients=happy skin + happy planet 🌍

I’m so so so in love with my shampoo + conditioner bars! I will admit I was skeptical when I first tried them but the shampoo lathers amazing + the conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft & clean! Everything you want for your hair with natural ingredients + waste free packaging! I highly recommend a soap lift of some kind to help expand their lifetime!

My safety razor from The Package Free Store is also something newer in the past month I’ve been using and, it works great! No more plastic razors ending up in the landfill because of me! This was another switch that took a while to make because I went through this phase of being a crazy coupon lady, I would buy a HUGE amount of items because I could buy them for literally pennies, even if I didnt really need it or even like the brand, I still bought them! Clearly I’ve come a long way and I no longer buy things based on how good of a deal it is but, I still have items trying to be used up from that phase of my life. Razors was one of them, and I FINALLY used my last on and converted to a saftey razor once and for all!

These are my bathroom swaps but, I still am not 100% waste free in the bathroom! I still need/want:

  • Natural face toner in a glass container
  • Plastic free q-tips
  • Low waste toilet paper
  • Natural make up in compostable packaging

I never expect to be perfect in my journey, I do expect to let myself learn + grow over time & that’s exactly what Ive done + will continue to do.

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