Me, Myself & I

Futuristic February

I did it guys, I freaking did it. Not only did I convince Dan to allow me to collect trash for a month (he legit thinks I’m crazy at this point so whateva) but, I actually went through with it! Here I am 28 days later and I never thought I would be so proud to collect my own trash.

What’s absolutely crazy is this photo is AFTER almost 10 months of being conscious and making changes! 10 months ago I would have had so much more. Things like: Clorox wipes, shopping bags, water bottles, a few more trash bags of food packaging, meat packaging, tags + packaging from crap I would have bought but didn’t need, etc.

So even with all these huge changes, we still produced so much trash! I can personally account for about 1 trash bag + 2 boxes of trash!

I’m super thankful I’m able to shop at a bulk package free store & always look for my produce plastic free, because we would probably have another 1-2 bags of food paackaging trash!

Here’s what out trash consisted of:

Beer cans, diaper boxes, cardboard food boxes + their loose plastic insert (Graham crackers, animal crackers, etc) Some loose package that veggies were wrapped in, loose plastic from bread + bagels, an entire box just of kids school papers + junk mail. Cartons from milk, orange juice + vegetable broth, egg carton, 4 toilet paper roll, 1 paper towel roll, wine bottle, lots of cans (I think over 15) from canned veggies, canned beans + canned tomatoes.

Some things were “unavoidable.”

It was my daughter’s birthday on the 12th. My mom got her balloons + some of the boxes we used storing the trash were packages sent from family. Plus a cake box & other pacakging trash.

Kids also brought home valentines + candy wrappers from school.

Lucas got sick recently, we had to buy a nebulizer (that was wrapped in more loose plastic & came in a cardboard box) plus medicine in plastic containers.

So what changes do we still need to make?

We started using cloth diapers and though weekdays we only do 1-2 per day weekends we are full cloth (except if dan changes him then we get 1-2 disposable in.) I hope to go fully cloth.

Also going to make some of my own milk from bulk nuts/oats. I can’t guarantee it will 100% prevent us from buying milk but, it’s the baby steps.

Buy less canned food. This will involve me learning to cook dry beans. I attempted that once & they turned out horrible. But our package free stores sells beans + legumes so I need to learn and reduce our metal can consumption. Especially bevause I can cook in bulk and beans + legumes store well.

I know as more time goes on I’ll come with more ideas. There are so many resources + alternatives to creating less waste + living a healthier lifestyle. Its all about learning + growing and I’m so happy I did this challenge to help me with both.

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