An Eco-Conscious Easter

Last year Easter was just a few weeks before I really jumped into low waste living. As I looked back at photos I cringe a little (okay a lot.) I wasted so many resources. I am making it up this year by not only changing my habits but hopefully influencing others to see how their choices effect the planet.

I’ve realized there are 3 main parts of the holidays that add to our frivolous waste – food, gifts and activities. For Easter, as a mom of 4 young kids, I think of activities + gifts – Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts, and egg dying. Foods a given on any day.

Easter Baskets:

I haven’t even pulled Easter stuff out of the attic (or asked Dan too really) so I’m not sure what I have on hand already. For the baskets themselves if I don’t have any to use (which I should) I’ll see if there’s anything else I already have first – other baskets, containers of some sort, other reusable bags or even toys. If I have a kid I still need to buy for I will look for something used – a nice wicker basket from a thrift store I can use for easter and again around the house, same for a used bag/tote or a toy that can double as a basket and gift, like a truck.

For the grass fillers I’m going to try not to use anything but I may use some tissue paper I have on hand to make it looke more festive + fun for the kids. You can always reuse any Easter grass you have from previous years with a little poofing up or use recycled paper shredding!

For the big kids gifts I’m doing a scavenger hunt similar to Christmas but maybe add more of an obstacle course. Something for them to run around and find some gift cards + basket – gives them an illusion they got more gifts then they actually have because it’s spread out and a fun activity. The big boys are easy – a couple gift cards for video games and other fun local activities to do like movies or to the trampoline place. The little kids more used books, puzzles and toys. Also some kind of art or gardening project. I’m buying them all simple but nice outfits from the local second hand store. Something they can wear for running around on easter and later for school and eveydyay wear. I always try to hide in things kids need for their gifts, and I hate to say it but, this year the kids are getting socks as a filler for their baskets. Sometimes they need new shoes, clothes, bathing suits, or other health/hygiene products around the time holidays come and I use it as a “filler’ gift. I also plan on either making a home made treats or buying some locally instead of all the individually wrapped candies. I may browse and see if there are any local ethical companies I can support to buy some handmade toys or other items. I’m staying far away from cheap plastic toys and Easter themed junk that are only appealing for a short while. Instead focusing on useful, practical and as much secondhand as possible.

Easter Egg Hunt:

If you’re doing a traditional egg hunt hopefully you have some plastic eggs to use from previous years. If not you may be able to find some used, kids grow up and families stop doing egg hunts. I have eggs from previous years, I’m going to fill ours up with change and dollar bills and possibly some package free candy from our bulk store.

If you don’t have eggs and can’t find them used from anyone buy in bulk and reuse the eggs for as long as possible then hand them down to another family! I’ve also seen wooden eggs, they are a little more pricey but they are more sustainable and I would assume longer lasting.

Egg Dying:

We will be hopefully buying eggs from the local farmers market. If not we’ll be getting free range organic eggs at our local grocery store. As far as dying we are trying a new tactic – dying with food! I’m excited to try this project and will share more on my Instagram once we do it. You use things like beets, turmeric, spinach, cabbage and even coffee as natural dyers! Ditch the store bought plastic + chemical filled kits!

If you are a vegan you can paint bird houses, wooden eggs, rocks for the garden or tie dye some shirts! There are plenty of alternate crafts to use instead of eggs.


For breakfast plan on having a nice tray of fresh fruits and veggies and possible banana nut muffins. It will give us a great start to our day! I will do a veggie soup, a big fresh loaded salad or some sort of potato + veggie meal for our dinner. Still not 100% sure but it will be vegan and bought as plastic free as possible. I’m also wanting to try one of those raw carrot cakes I’ve seen floating around social media! They look delicious + nutritious!

Whatever your traditions are, whatever you celebrate do it with kindness for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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