Low Waste Kitchen

I tend to spend a lot of my home time in the kitchen. Children require a lot of meals, which really makes me dread the teenage years even least they will be able to make their own food, right? Grocery shopping is one of (in my opinion) the most important ways to reduce waste… Continue reading Low Waste Kitchen


Immunity wipes

One of the most unfortunate parts of my life is cleaning. It's this tedious task I have to do daily with a household my size or else it becomes out of control, quick. One thing I do multiple times a day is wipe down my kitchen counters. I use disinfecting wipes so much that I… Continue reading Immunity wipes


Attempting Zero Waste

As you grow older and have more awareness of the world and what really happens something changes. I've seen in it people throuout the years. Almost like an epiphany on life and they change or maybe it's just maturity. That was me about a year ago. I really realized what a downward spiral us humans… Continue reading Attempting Zero Waste