How I feed my family of 6 on $80 A week

Let's face it, food is the most crucial part of our life. We need food to live and we need the right food to be healthy. We spend a good part of our week planning meals, budgeting for groceries & going to the grocery store not to mention all the cooking and cleaning that follows.… Continue reading How I feed my family of 6 on $80 A week

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Florida State Parks

Two months ago, I had a strong urge to go camping. Life was frustrating I was overly exhausted & burnt out, so I wanted a relaxing getaway.  I planned some days off of work not knowing where I was going yet and decided to take just my oldest. He is the “easiest” kid as far… Continue reading Florida State Parks


Its only one

So, I've started at the beginning. I'm wondering why I've developed "bad habits" over the years. It always begins with, "its only one" and from there that one becomes a habit of ease and convenience. Its hard to change your lifestyle out of the normal society standards because well, its easier and less of a… Continue reading Its only one


Giving Dad’s Credit

Dad's kind of loose credit for how much they do. Mom's always seem like the rock stars running around and managing the house and kids. But, like any good manager they have their go to person who they literally couldn't function without. I don't know what I would do without my significant other. Sure he's… Continue reading Giving Dad’s Credit