Zero Waste Camping

The past few months I have been really diving into going zero waste, and I've realized just how challenging it can be to break free from certain things. Especially when you're trying to lead kids and a stubborn boyfriend with you. When everyone isn't fully on board it can tend to pull you out of… Continue reading Zero Waste Camping

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Florida State Parks

Two months ago, I had a strong urge to go camping. Life was frustrating I was overly exhausted & burnt out, so I wanted a relaxing getaway.  I planned some days off of work not knowing where I was going yet and decided to take just my oldest. He is the “easiest” kid as far… Continue reading Florida State Parks


Its only one

So, I've started at the beginning. I'm wondering why I've developed "bad habits" over the years. It always begins with, "its only one" and from there that one becomes a habit of ease and convenience. Its hard to change your lifestyle out of the normal society standards because well, its easier and less of a… Continue reading Its only one