My Low Waste Bathroom

I want to start sharing some of the low waste products I've switched around my home since I started this low waste living! When talking about waste, what better room to start in than the bathroom! One of the first products I dropped was my plastic toothbrush. Did you know every toothbrush you've ever used… Continue reading My Low Waste Bathroom

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Florida State Parks

Two months ago, I had a strong urge to go camping. Life was frustrating I was overly exhausted & burnt out, so I wanted a relaxing getaway.  I planned some days off of work not knowing where I was going yet and decided to take just my oldest. He is the “easiest” kid as far… Continue reading Florida State Parks


Menstrual Cups

If you're a male I'm totally excited you're reading my blog but, this one is not for you. Unless you're interested in reading about the monthly female cycle - I would stop here. For the females - this is just for you. That horrible time of month when our body punishes us for not giving… Continue reading Menstrual Cups