Menstrual Cups

If you're a male I'm totally excited you're reading my blog but, this one is not for you. Unless you're interested in reading about the monthly female cycle - I would stop here. For the females - this is just for you. That horrible time of month when our body punishes us for not giving… Continue reading Menstrual Cups


Immunity wipes

One of the most unfortunate parts of my life is cleaning. It's this tedious task I have to do daily with a household my size or else it becomes out of control, quick. One thing I do multiple times a day is wipe down my kitchen counters. I use disinfecting wipes so much that I… Continue reading Immunity wipes


Its only one

So, I've started at the beginning. I'm wondering why I've developed "bad habits" over the years. It always begins with, "its only one" and from there that one becomes a habit of ease and convenience. Its hard to change your lifestyle out of the normal society standards because well, its easier and less of a… Continue reading Its only one

Me, Myself & I

Check In

I'm back! Just when you feel like you're getting somewhere with your blog and social media influencing life smacks you right in the kisser. At least life's been smacking me sweetly, for the most part. Plus, sometimes taking a break is good just to step away, refocus and regroup. I've had a lot I want… Continue reading Check In


Attempting Zero Waste

As you grow older and have more awareness of the world and what really happens something changes. I've seen in it people throuout the years. Almost like an epiphany on life and they change or maybe it's just maturity. That was me about a year ago. I really realized what a downward spiral us humans… Continue reading Attempting Zero Waste


Giving Dad’s Credit

Dad's kind of loose credit for how much they do. Mom's always seem like the rock stars running around and managing the house and kids. But, like any good manager they have their go to person who they literally couldn't function without. I don't know what I would do without my significant other. Sure he's… Continue reading Giving Dad’s Credit

Photo of the Week

Photography Challenges

I'm barely six months into "real" photography. I mean real because I've always been a photographer at heart, I love taking photos of places or capturing my family and friends in moments. It's just I got my first "real" camera this Christmas so now I am broadening my photography skills and I've been loving it!… Continue reading Photography Challenges