Attempting Zero Waste

As you grow older and have more awareness of the world and what really happens something changes. I've seen in it people throuout the years. Almost like an epiphany on life and they change or maybe it's just maturity. That was me about a year ago. I really realized what a downward spiral us humans… Continue reading Attempting Zero Waste


Giving Dad’s Credit

Dad's kind of loose credit for how much they do. Mom's always seem like the rock stars running around and managing the house and kids. But, like any good manager they have their go to person who they literally couldn't function without. I don't know what I would do without my significant other. Sure he's… Continue reading Giving Dad’s Credit

Photo of the Week

Photography Challenges

I'm barely six months into "real" photography. I mean real because I've always been a photographer at heart, I love taking photos of places or capturing my family and friends in moments. It's just I got my first "real" camera this Christmas so now I am broadening my photography skills and I've been loving it!… Continue reading Photography Challenges

Me, Myself & I

Why I am (attempting to be) Vegan

The more I research our health and the environments health, the more reality checks I have. It’s hard to live a 100% healthy & minimalist lifestyle though. There’s so many objects we use in our everyday life we don’t even realize are horrible for the environment or KNOW are bad but basically are necessities. If… Continue reading Why I am (attempting to be) Vegan