Our First Garden

I'm a daydreamer because I have always been a book reader. When I was younger I read "The Secret Garden" and ever since I knew one day I wanted a big garden with lots of roses and vines growing up walls. That dream hasn't changed but the garden I did create as an adult is… Continue reading Our First Garden

Me, Myself & I

Futuristic February

I did it guys, I freaking did it. Not only did I convince Dan to allow me to collect trash for a month (he legit thinks I'm crazy at this point so whateva) but, I actually went through with it! Here I am 28 days later and I never thought I would be so proud… Continue reading Futuristic February

Daily Blog Post

Is A Zero Waste Lifestyle A Privilege?

This seems to be a hot topic in the zero waste community. After reading other opinions and gathering my own thoughts from my personal life I came to a conclusion. Yes, a zero waste life is indeed a privilege. I hear some advocates now yelling at me through their screens "No way! Zero waste is… Continue reading Is A Zero Waste Lifestyle A Privilege?